Stories & Testimonials

I am writing to tell of my recent experience with Dr. Yazdani. In the fall of 2018, it was determined that I had a small hole in my heart that needed to be surgically closed. My cardiologist referred me to Dr. Yazdani to perform the surgery. In the visits that preceded my surgery, Dr. Yazdani was very thorough and reassuring in detailing what the surgery would entail. He was also happy to answer any and all questions concerning the procedure. Only days before my surgery, my insurance company informed me that they would not cover my surgery – causing me unexpected stress to my situation. Dr. Yazdani immediately contacted the insurance company and lobbied on my behalf and they quickly reversed and agreed to cover the surgery. The day of my surgery, which was a PFO closure, Dr. Yazdani spoke with me to answer any final questions I might have and to reassure me. He performed the closure at 5:00 PM and it took 90 minutes. Everything went very smoothly and after a few hours in recovery, I was able to go home that evening. My recovery was just as Dr. Yazdani described and in 2 weeks, I made a full recovery with no restrictions on my activities. My entire experience with Dr. Yazdani has been extremely positive and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Debi Shiring
I am a patient of Dr. Shahram Yazdani’s, referred by my personal physician. After extensive testing, was diagnosed with aortic stenosis. A stint, unknown initially, was implanted earlier than the aortic valve replacement making the overall recovery period less physically demanding and stressful. This process was completed by Dr. Yazdani’s extremely well organized team of physicians, nurses, support staff, and coordinators in Carient Heart & Vascular and the INOVA Heart & Vascular Institute. Dr. Yazdani and I initially had several discussions regarding the type of procedure that would best be used. When he thought about my procedure selection concerns he went to bat for me by exploring additional options and programs for a minimally invasive procedure by selecting a Trans catheter Aortic Valve Replacement using the Edwards prosthetic valve. During my life I have experienced good health so this medical procedure was a major cause of stress. Dr. Yazdani was aware of this and made me feel as I was his most important patient. He took time to explain every step of the valve replacement process in a way a non-medical person could understand relieving most of my stress. Additionally, he explained the event recovery as well as pains and soreness I would possibly experience after the operation, which ended up being less than I had anticipated. At INOVA Heart and vascular during the 30 day TAVR check-up some information regarding an EKG came up which could have warranted additional testing. This information was faxed/transmitted to Dr. Yazdani’s office for his reading and interpretation. Before I arrived home his office had called my wife and asked if I would be available for an appointment in Warrenton VA the next morning so he could validate a possible finding. (The Warrention office is the closest travel distance for me to see anyone on Carient’s staff) Again I was totally amazed at the professionalism and coordination of all these folks I am highly recommending Dr. Shahram Yazdani, his expertise and highly organized team of doctors, nurses, staff people and medical coordinators.
Raymond Peter
My wife began seeing Dr. Yazdani after she passed out while chasing our son. Dr. Yazdani had some tests performed and determined she needed open heart surgery to fix a hole in heart. Dr. Yazdani’s care was top notch. He explained everything so we knew what we had to do and why. Even though Dr. Yazdani was not the surgeon performing the surgery he actually had consulted with myself and my wife’s family during the surgery to keep us updated. All the staff that work in the Warrenton office are all really friendly and eager to answer all questions. This has been the best physician experience we have ever had! We appreciate the great care!
Donald Aufforth
My husband has been seeing Dr. Yazdani for several years for his severe coronary artery disease. Dr. Yazdani is our hero. He has been so kind to us, and has worked wonders when it comes to my husband’s conditions. I am so awed by medicine and all the new technology, and I am forever indebted to Dr. Yazdani for his recent assistance in my husband’s TAVR procedure. He is so personable and kind to ME…terrified wife. After all, you are treating a patient, but that patient is someone’s husband or wife, someone’s father or mother, someone’s brother or sister. So in essence, you are treating a family. Thank you so very much for your kindness and for spending so many years in medical school, for all the sleepless nights studying for exams, for all the money this has cost you, because what you do is something so very special, and I put my utmost trust in you when treating my beloved husband. And this new technology is just mind-blowing!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am eternally grateful!

Peggy TajalliWife of Mohammad Tajalli